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Accept debit card payments with no fuss

Accept debit card payments with no fuss. Use your own smartphone or tablet. Order in minutes. - Sign up as a business/organisation - Sign up for private use - 2.75% per transaction - No fixed costs - Accept debit as well as credit cards.

Our collection of Android apps

Enjoy our collection of Android apps on your smartphone or tablet.

From a Daily Tarot Card to finding your car after you've parked it, we've got an app just for you.

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Daybook agenda

An easy to use desktop calendar / agenda to manage your appointments, tasks & daily notes.

Calendar can be displayed in a 1 day, work week (5 day), week (7 day), month and custom view.

Tasks can be added, edited and completed. Tasks not completed keep showing up in your task manager until you complete them.

Simple and easy to use.

An income selling computer generated psychic readings

Are you interested in a full or part-time income selling computer generated psychic readings? Low investment as everything you need you already have. Computer, printer and scanner. We even give you the software for free!

NOW is the time to take a break

Check out your daily tarot card. Compare your biorhythms with your partner, child, and boss and see how best you can interact with them. Discover your psychic talents and determine how well you can see the future. See what Chinese astrology has to tell you.

Start your own business selling aura photos

Start your own business selling digital aura photos. Click on More information below to download a pdf, jam-packed with more information about our camera, software and complete business solution!

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Programming & consulting

Over 30 years experience as a consultant/programmer. Started with Cobol and Assembler but currently involved with the latest versions of Delphi, php, cms and Javascript. Available for large and small custom projects. Do you need a mobile web-site or a corporate app?

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- Shaun

Acquire customer info to meet your marketing goals

Prospects is a fully customizable Windows program that sits on your laptop, acquiring the client information you need to meet your marketing goals at trade shows, events, etc., while making sure that your corporate image is properly displayed to your potential clients.

The most efficient way to collect email addresses

This is a Javascript (web-based) implementation of Prospects that runs on any mobile device, including Windows, Apple and Android (phone, tablet or laptop) as long as HTML5 is supported. View details to see how getting more customers = more business.