Loyverse Point of Sale

Loyverse Point of Sale

Free POS Software and Сustomer Loyalty Program

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a free mobile POS.

Free point of sale system for small stores, coffee shops, beauty salons, bike shops, food, drink, gifts, souvenirs & much more

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Unicorn Systemz

is an authorized partner of Loyverse and offers
  • installation and setup of all Loyverse products.
  • sales and service of POS hardware (printers, barcode scanners and tablets) compatible with Loyverse products.
  • management training for all Loyverse products. (back office, dashboard, etc.)
  • employee training for all Loyverse products (POS, etc.)

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Loyverse Back Office

Loyverse Point of Sale

Loyverse POS Loyverse POS

Free POS Software and Сustomer Loyalty Program
  • Make quick and easy sales, manage your loyalty program and inventory — all from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Build your customer base and stay in touch. Send messages and e-receipts to your customers and collect valuable feedback.
  • Make informed business decisions based on visual analytical reports.

Loyverse Back Office

  • Analyze your sales, determine top-selling items, browse the history of your transactions.
  • Build your customer base and send notifications to your customers.
  • Act on feedback from your customers and strengthen your relationships with them.

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Loyverse Back Office

Loyverse Dashboard

Loyverse Dashboard Loyverse Dashboard

A complementary app for instant access to your store's sales analytics and inventory anytime, anywhere.
  • View revenue, average sale and profit.
  • Track sales growth comparing with previous days, weeks, months or years.
  • Determine which items are performing well, averagely, or underperforming.
  • View stock levels and apply filters to inform yourself when items are running low or out of stock.

Loyverse Dashboard Loyalty Ocean

  • Powerful customer loyalty app integrated with Loyverse POS
  • Sign up your customers & motivate them to install Loyalty Ocean App on their smartphones.
  • Involve customers into your loyalty program and award bonus points on each purchase.
  • Use push notifications to run targeted special offers and drive your sales up.
Loyalty Ocean