Biorhythm charts provide you with a graphic representation of high and low energy levels throughout a specific time period. By comparing your biorhythms with those of another person, you may gain insight into how to interact with them more successfully. You can compare your cycles with anyone - a friend, partner, mate, or even an enemy.

Daily tarot card

Click here to get your daily tarot card reading. Are you inspired by the King of Wands today or are there lessons you need to learn from the Fool?

Each card has a video clip with even more details regarding what that card suggests for you as your once daily card.

Obtain your daily dosage of inspiration and see what each day brings you.

Analyses were developed as well as written by the global distinguished occultist, Shaun Dixon.


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Chinese astrology

The Chinese Zodiac is many thousands of years old and it also predates its Western couterpart.

Today, numerous followers around the world regularly consult with the Chinese Zodiac.

What can Chinese astrology do for you?

Learn about the qualities of each sign and see where you fit in. What's your sign?

See which Chinese zodiac signs you are you ideally matched with and also which ones you should steer clear of?

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