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Draw a Tarot card every day based upon the numerology of your name, birthday and of course, the day, to get your daily dose of motivation.

See a 30 day graph of your physical, intellectual, and emotional rhythms or judge the compatibility with your kids, employer, or companion to see just how well you can connect with them.

Discover your psychic talents with our Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) screening and establish how strong your psychic gifts are.

What can Chinese astrology let you know? Are you a Horse or a Rat? Which Chinese zodiac signs are you best suited for and which signs should you avoid?

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Our collection of Android apps

Use our Android apps on your mobile devices.

From a Tarot card app giving your daily inspiration to discovering your vehicle after you have parked it somewhere.

We have have an app that is just for you.

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Digital aura photo business solution!

Begin your very own service offering digitally created aura photos with a printed interpretation of what the aura colors mean surrounding the image.

Click on the link below to download a pdf file, jam-packed with more details concerning our aura camera, software application and full business solution!

More Information about the Aura Analysis business solution

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An income selling computer generated psychic readings

Are you thinking about a part or full-time job offering computer generated psychic readings?

Make an extra $500 to $1000 per week.

Low financial investment as whatever you require you probably already have. Printer, scanner and computer / laptop.

We even offer you the software you will need for free!

The printouts are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Indonesian and Spanish.

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